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Ward County Quito Mineral Sold.png

“Quito West Deep Project”
Ward County, Texas

  • Up to 100.00% Working Interest


  • Delivering a 75.00% Net Revenue Interest


  • As to depths from 7500 - 10,000’ subsurface:

2,160.00 Gross Acres

644.6649 Net Acres


  • As to depths below 10,000’ subsurface:

2,480.00 Gross Acres1,007.1649 Net Acres


  • Primary Horizontal Objectives: 

3rd Bone Spring, Upper & Lower Wolfcamp A, Wolfcamp B & Wolfcamp C


  • Potential Horizontal Objectives: Avalon/Leonard, 2nd Bone Spring & Wolfcamp D

Crane County Owens Snoot Sold.png

“Snoot-Owens Project”
Crane County, Texas

  • 363.64 Gross Net Acres


  • 100.00% Working Interest / 82.00% NRI


  • 2 Producing Vertical Grayburg-San Andres Wells  (McElroy Field)


  • 2+ Horizontal Grayburg-San Andres Locations