Simon Energy Associates, LLC (“Simon”) is an independent firm specializing in the divestiture of energy assets, including operated and non-operated upstream, midstream and service company projects. Although active throughout the continental United States, we are extremely selective in the projects we pursue and focus our attention on our client’s objectives and assets.  

Simon has recently marketed numerous properties located in the Midland Basin, Delaware Basin and Central Basin Platform.  These properties ranged from smaller projects with existing production to larger projects with developmental upside or waterflood potential.

Simon is always closely aligned with your interests.  We always represent Sellers but have built a reputation of respecting buyers and conducting ourselves with the highest level of honesty, integrity and professionalism.  

Simon’s headquarters are located in Midland, Texas, with additional offices located in San Antonio, Texas, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Our team brings a wealth of experience in acquisitions & divestitures, oil & gas operations, public accounting and finance.  Our professionals can provide multiple levels of support throughout the divestiture process,  ranging from gathering in-house project data to assisting in the closing of a successful transaction.


Customer Care
Extensive Database

Simon’s team provides the experience needed to help identify upside opportunities, determine asset values, prepare comprehensive data rooms, evaluate offers, negotiate terms, close transactions; providing customized support throughout the divestiture process.


Simon’s extensive database of potential buyers is continually updated through personal contacts, referrals, industry events, social media and marketing campaigns.  Our team works to determine each potential buyer’s unique acquisition criteria, such as project size, location and upside potential, which allows us to specifically target groups of buyers interested in the types of properties offered by our clients.   

Your Assets Are Important

Deciding to sell your assets is important.  Choosing who should sell your assets is critical.  We believe our experience and market-tested process will provide you with the most flexibility and deliver the maximum value for your assets.